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PY Media started as Ernabella Video and Television (EVTV) in the early 1980s in Ernabella community (Pukatja), north-western South Australia. EVTV was initiated as a way to curb the saturation of commercial TV services with the launch of AUSAT. EVTV became the place to go to document or record culture or anything that was of interest to the individual.

In 1987 members of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands decided that it was necessary to develop the same services provided by EVTV in all communities across the APY Lands. PY Media was incorporated as the regional body to assist communities to develop their own community media centres. In the mid 1990s PY Media moved out of Ernabella to Umuwa to set up a regional office that enabled fair representation for all communities on the APY Lands.

PY Media is known nationally as a leader in remote communications. Its achievements demonstrate innovative and appropriate technological solutions for Indigenous people living in remote Australia. PY Media manages a number of communication and media projects including:

    • Provide services to 4 communities on the APY Lands
    • Radio: training, maintenance and upgrades.
    • IT: training, maintenance and upgrades.
    • PYComputers: maintenance of over 75 computers across APY lands; development of converging technologies with innovative ideas.
    • ICTV: 60 hours broadcast per weekend nationally on the Channel 23 footprint
    • Video Conferencing: installation, training and maintenance.
    • Radio Vision project in all communities.


PY Media receives funding from ICC Port Augusta (SA) for some staff positions and the administrative operations of the organisation. PY Media also receives Federal funding from IPB to deliver several communication projects within its mandated region of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands of South Australia, and further a field in remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and other regions in South Australia. As always, PY Media develops innovative uses for technology to help assist communications for remote Indigenous communities. PY Media is developing its strategic five year plan that will include future income-generating business ideas.

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