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Pipalyatjara Community is located in South Australia a few kilometres from the Surveyor General's Corner (where the borders of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia meet). It lies approximately 550 km south west of Alice Springs as the crow flies.

A local stores provides for Pipalyatjara and Kalka communities. The stores are supplied with fresh produce by road train once a fortnight. A local garage has no regular services. Only diesel and Avgas are available. Persons with petrol driven vehicles are advised to check with their mechanic regarding the use of Avgas in their vehicle. A Clinic is based in Pipalyatjara and staffed by two nurses. A doctor from Fregon makes periodic visits. Clinic nurses visit Watarru once a week. Mail deliveries are twice a week by PYAir from Alice Springs, Monday and Thursday morning. Passengers are also carried. Watarru has only one landing a week. For further information and bookings ring PYAir on 8953 5000. Road access is from the Stuart highway over approx. 4500kms of dirt road to Pipalyatjara.

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