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Nyapari is located in South Australia about 20 km south of the Northern Territory border. It lies approximately 450 km south west of Alice Springs as the crow flies.

Nyapari Community is a small Anangu community in the far north west of South Australia. It is located 15kms east of Kanpi, another small community, in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands. The nearest town is Alice Springs which is about six hours or 550 kms to the northeast. It is 115 km east of Pipalytjara and 100km west of Amata.

Nyapari is a peaceful, happy community that began as a homeland. It was started by the father of the current chairperson Keith Stevens, and Keith brought his family back here because he wanted to look after his father's country (See Chairperson's Story). It is a small place situated on a spinifex plain next to a spectacular range of ancient hills which hold the dreaming stories which have significance for the families who live there.

The climate at Nyapari is extremely arid and the rainfall is irregular. The average rainfall is between 200 and 250 millimetre per annum. The atmosphere is very dry because evaporation is more than ten times the average rainfall.

Temperatures in excess of 38 deg Celsius are common in summer. Frosts occur during winter months with temperatures as low as minus five degrees Celsius.

There are about eighty five people living in Nyapari, including seven piranpa (non-Aboriginal) people who work in the community to support Anangu. All the people living here are family. The chairperson, Keith Stevens describes Nyapari not so much as a community but as a family, "Family Pukulpa" - One big happy family.

The people living here are mainly Pitjantjatjara people, and Pitjantjatjara is the main language spoken at home and around the community. English is learned and spoken at school, and in the clinic, office and store.

Nyapari's infrastructure consists of an Atco prefab 13m x 6m Office with a 13m x 3m verandah and 13m x 6m shade area. The office serves as the communication hub of the community with phone, fax, television transmitter, radio transmitter and computer. This office also services the administration needs of the homelands Ulkiya & Tankannu.

Currently there is no store in the community. People from Nyapari go to Kanpi for everyday goods, but the community is working to set up a co-operative store in the future. Freight is delivered fortnightly (Wednesdays) by Goodfellows Freightlines - Adelaide. Mail is delivered each Thursday by P.Y. Air under contract to Aust Post.

The community has plans to seek funding for a swimming pool and welcomes any interest from philanthropists who may wish to donate.

If you want to visit Nyapari community, you will need a permit which can be obtained through Nyapari Community Office ph 8956 7519 fax 8956 7518, or ph/fax 8956 7406, or through AP Umuwa ph 8954 8111 fax 8954 8110.

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