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Alpara Homeland is 28 kms north of Amata on the road to Mutitjulu and Uluru. This homeland is served by solar power which provides enough energy for a refrigerator, television, lighting, stereo, telephone, vacuum cleaner, video games, and other electrical appliances. There is a UEC 642 decoder which provides reception for 29 television and 35 radio stations. The homeland is served by a satellite telephone. They are adding on bough shelters outside. These are often cooler to live in during the summer. Water is dependent on wind. If there's a wind drought for a week or more, the homeland runs out of water. There is some exploration of solar driven pumps to compensate when necessary.

The traditional owners and family are trying out a variety of fruit and vegetable plants suited to the climate. Poultry provides eggs and fertilizer. The homeland is making an effort to become self-sufficient in food. Some of the vegetables and fruits grown are tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, silver beet, onions, parsnip, lettuce, radishes, grapes, watermelon, and capsicum. Citrus trees include mandarin, orange, lemon, and grapefruit. Other trees are olives, carob, mulberry, figs, and date palms. Some of these trees are still immature but are expected to be fruit bearing in a few years.

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